Haus Troistorff | The pillory of Monschau: this work
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This work

The sculpture


By its title and construction, the sculpture refers to a medieval pillory. There was actually a pillory in Monschau, but not exactly in that place.


A chair with comfortable armrests, backrest and free Wi-Fi invites you to linger. Visitors can observe the surroundings with the help of a small mirror and enjoy the game of distortions. Initially unnoticed, the seated person himself is enlarged and depicted in a distorted manner. Thus, a parallel is drawn between medieval methods of popular justice and today’s practices on the Internet, which shows that the subject of pillory has an alarmingly topical relevance.


Stephanie Binding


I think the visitor feels the same way as the Internet user: we don’t all notice quickly enough that one is in a public place that offers many amenities, information and opportunities, but also risks and opportunities for manipulation. With the inclusion of local and historical materials (such as the building blocks), I would like to remind you of the roots of a pillory. The glass-steel cube and the WLAN symbol show the frighteningly current context of the ideas of a shameful pole.


The mirror becomes a metaphor, a mirror of society. The sculpture wants to call for a sensitive handling of the Internet and social networks, the mirror of our society.

Content, concept and drawings: Stephanie Binding

Craftsmanship: Steinmetz Goffart GmbH, Metallgestaltung Designwerkstatt Harald Schneider and Susanne Schützinger, Bauhof der Stadt Monschau, Schlosserei Hermanns, Jürgen Mertens Elektroinstallationen

Photographs: Stephanie Binding

Text: Dorothee Binding and Stephanie Binding